Make Your Fiction Our Truth.

We are the stories that roil and rage below ancient tides and dark, silent skies.

We are the mysteries bled raw from fingers tipping across the red lines drawn all around you.

We are the myths that rise to walk unrepentant paths between weary minds and tender hearts, ready for the pulse and shudder of a shape all its own.

We are the voices fallen through the cracks of the mainstream, from writers who don't need to be 'found' to be found, raised up by fellow artists and authors seeking the truth through fiction.

We are the authors aching to be heard, whose fevered dreams reflects a face, a truth, as many-varied as our own. And with it, our every color, gender, sexuality, culture, flavor, imagination, and identity therein. Because in the end, it's not just history, nor theirstory; it's also herstory. It's ourstory.

So what are you waiting for? Give us the sort of characters we've all longed to see, within worlds and conflicts we won't soon un-see.

Share your works of fiction, scifi, or fantasy, shaped and tempered into the form of short story or screenplay. If selected, we will voice it for you, and feature it on our new podcast.

All we want is a damn good story.

The Speakeasy Theatre. Coming soon.